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At Bokeh Trails, every media production is a labour of love. From pre-production and planning to the shoot, followed by post-production, we have always pushed ourselves to give our clients that extra bit. With over 15 years of experience in the media industry, we understand the importance of producing creative work, within budget and on-time.


 Story Boards
 Script Development
 Copy Writing


 Crew Management
 Production Design
 Location Scouting
 Shoot Scheduling


 Hair and Makeup


 Sound Design
 Motion Graphics
 Color Grading

 Final Output

 Custom File Export
 Data Archiving


The MMA Story

Featured Project

Filmed exclusively at 'Dominance MMA' in Melbourne, Victoria, the MMA Story is a 3 part series that explores different aspects of mixed martial arts. Part 1 looks at training for MMA as a sport and the issue of aggression and violence with opinions and views about the controversy surrounding 'cage fighting'. Part 2 explores the personal experiences of the people who train and coach MMA and how it nurtures and connects martial artists on a personal level.


Our Work

Assorted Projects


The Team

Solly De Silva is a Melbourne based design consultant with extensive experience in online and offline media productions which include diverse projects such as corporate videos, short films, websites and web analytics. Solly has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and has worked in the UK and India before shifting base to Australia.

Khushboo Sahrawat is a writer and an experienced photographer who has a passion for Visual Arts and all that goes into producing it. Before shifting base to Melbourne, she worked as a travel writer and photographer. In a career that has spanned over 8 years, she has worked on projects that include documentaries, wedding photography, corporate films, travel photography and fashion photography.



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